Become a Member of the Clan Fraser Society of North America

By joining, you can help us have a presence at more games and festivals.  Our newsletter, The Nessie, is distributed several times a year to members.  Your membership will be acknowledged with a letter, brochure and membership card.  Also, you may purchase one tee-shirt at the discounted price of $15, plus $6 shipping with a new membership!


Membership Application

Annual dues for Society membership is $20 per family, including children under 18. The first year’s dues should be included with the application. New members joining after Sept. 1 of a given year will be “paid up” members until one year from the following January.  Please print and complete the attached form and mail it with your check for $20 made out CFSNA to the address at the bottom of the form.

Qualification for Membership: Any person of Scottish ancestry bearing the name Fraser in any of its various forms and spellings, or any Sept name of the Clan Fraser, including the spouse or descendant of such person. Our objectives are: To promote the general interests of the Clan and to cultivate the spirit of kinship and fellowship among its members throughout the Americas and with the Clan Fraser of Scotland; to collect and preserve literary, historical and genealogical records, documents and relics relating to the history of the Clan and Scotland; to honor our Scottish heritage and to cultivate among our members and descendants the pride and spirit of our Scottish ancestors; to render aid to all clansmen should they meet with adversity.